Opiate epidemic In Van Wert, Ohio and many of the surrounding areas !

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In Van Wert, Ohio and many of the surrounding areas many families are being affected by the Opioid epidemic. Overdose rates are on the rise as more and more addicts are becoming addicted to Opiate Pain medication and the illegal drug heroin. According to a New York times article.  The State of Ohio is fighting back. “The State of Ohio filed a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical industry over the opioid epidemic, accusing several drug companies of conducting marketing campaigns that misled doctors and patients about the danger of addiction and overdose.”

Families of those affected by Opiate Addiction and Drug Treatment specialist welcome this support

This lawsuit is no shock to Holly Conklin, head of Angel Intervention. For years, certified drug interventionists and leaders of the drug rehab field have been warning of the dangers of opiate use. Opiates are a class of drug which consists of the illegal drugs heroin and opium, as well as Opiate pain medications including Oxycontin, Fentanyl, and morphine; just to list a few. Many professionals in the drug rehab field have noticed a trend of more and more opiate addicts being prescribed by a local doctor. Often the prescription can be given for pain or an injury, but linger on and lead to a person becoming hooked on Opiate drugs for years or even their entire life span. With the long-term addiction and Opiate drug side effects, it is important that you refuse Opiate drugs whenever possible, or if they are needed try to keep the use as short term as you can. If your doctor is recommending an Opiate medication for you, make sure to question your doctor and see if there are any alternatives to Opiate Pain Medication they could recommend for you. Even for a healthy person, using Opiates for a week can cause withdrawal symptoms that could lead to missing work, problems completing daily activities, or in some cases more dangerous side effects can take place.

Now that states such as Ohio are beginning to take action against the drug makers, there is some hope that stricter guidelines for Opiate prescriptions will become law. Holly Conklin with Angel Intervention has seen many cases of Opiate addicts abusing pain pills, buying them off the street, doctor shopping or even switching to illegal drugs like heroin to keep themselves from facing the miserable drug withdrawal symptoms caused by long term Opiate use. Even for those who decide to get off the pain medication, fear regarding withdrawal symptoms may stop them from seeking help. In these circumstances, Angel Intervention, a local Drug Intervention company in Van Wert, OH can be of assistance.

Locally in Van Wert, Ohio, Holly Conklin with Angel Intervention offers drug intervention services for those who need help deciding to get treatment for Opiate addiction. Being addicted to Opiates is so overwhelming that many drug users would first die before reaching out for help. The addiction can be so fierce that an individual would abandon their family, work, school, or even ignore serious health problems to continue using. Expecting someone in this condition to reach out for help on their own is not wise. At this stage, with hundreds of Americans dying from overdose each day, it’s important that friends and family take action if they suspect a loved one is using Opiates. Angel Intervention offers family coaching, instructions and helps confront the addict in a manner where they agree to get help and can be safely taken to a medical detox location to ensure no major physical or mental symptoms derail the detox process.