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Angel Intervention Services


The Missing Link In Recovery

Angel Intervention Services-Holly Conklin

We work as a team to support the Recovery Process.

Our Team

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Our Services

  1. I.O.P ( Intensive Out Patient)
  2. Sober Living (Recovery Homes)
  3. Professional Intervention
  4. Interventions for Executives
  5. Case Management & Long Term Monitoring
  6. Private Counseling/Assessments
  7. Multi-Modality Treatment Support
  8. Family Groups
  9. Recovery/Life Coaching
  10. Drug Testing
  11. Drug Education Seminars & Lectures

Intensive OutPatient Services (I.O.P)

Our Clinical Team, Drug and Alcohol Counselors, Intervention Professionals and Recovery/Life Coaches work hand in hand to assist in a continuum of care program. Once treatment has been completed, we work with the individual through Telehealth or in person counseling for continued support. Random drug test and alcohol screens, weekly -hour battle planning sessions, book work and daily communication.

Professional Intervention

Angel Intervention has successfully provided assistance to 800+ families and addicted individuals. With clear, concise guidance we can help you through the intervention, the inpatient treatment process and help set up a continuum of care as we work  towards life long sobriety and family wellness.

Recovery/Life Coaching

We guide individuals in recovery through life changing events, personal care, responsibility practices, job preparation, Education, life skills training and help support recovery within their respective communities.

Drug Testing 

Angel Intervention is a testing site certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments and can perform urine analysis testing on site, with chain of custody lab results on required test.

Private Counseling/Assessment

Private Counseling services for drug and/or alcohol addictions are available through Telehealth or in person at our offices. Drug and/or alcohol assessments by appointment.

Multi-Modality Treatment Support

We Support many types of treatment modalities. Our goal is to work with the Individual and Family to find out what works for them and create a  lasting care plan that supports the preferred type of treatment:

Advanced Communication


Trauma Work



*  Emotional support issues are referred to local Clinicians, Psychologist and Psychiatrist.

Drug and Alcohol Education Seminars & Lectures

Identifying Addiction is difficult. We believe education is key for families of addicts, friends, business owners and corporations. We have been providing drug and alcohol education seminars for many years. Teaching you;

Effects of drug/alcohol on the brain and body

Effects on the Family System

Treatment Modalities

Intervention Processes

Empathy Training

Signs and Symptoms

Local help and Solutions