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Intervention Specialist

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Is Holly Conklin a good Intervention Specialist?

My sister came to meet Holly Conklin while trying to get to treatment in AZ.  My sister had finally decided she needed to go to treatment and things were going great until she landed in Phoenix and all hell broke loose.  She refused to go to the treatment facility.  My husband was the one who accompanied her to AZ and he was at a complete loss on how to get her where she needed to be.  The treatment center recommended having an intervention specialist help.  And they recommended us to Holly Conklin.  Apparently she was on her way to Sedona and would be there the next day.  Thank God for blessings in small packages.  I have to admit I had my doubts about using an intervention specialist to help accomplish getting her into treatment.  But as a family we agreed that we had to try something and Holly was our best shot.  She was able to accomplish in a matter of hours what had already been a 4 day adventure of trying to get her into treatment.  My sister absolutely loved her when it was over.  She was able to connect with my sister on a way that only someone who has been there and knows what you’re going through can.  And my feelings on intervention specialist have been changed FOREVER!

My sister stayed for the full 30 days of treatment but relapsed as soon as she was out.  There are lots of reasons why she relapsed but that isn’t the main point.  Once she did and we realized “OH CRAP” here we go again.  We were able to get in contact with Holly Conklin and explained the situation with my sister.  She immediately started trying to figure out how to get to where we lived to help her.  Within a matter of days Holly showed up and took control.  I truly believe I was staring death in the face when I looked at my sister this last time. And I knew that if Holly couldn’t get her to go then I might as well figure out a way to say bye.  Holly came in and once again got the unimaginable done.  Within a matter of 3 hours she had convinced my sister that she left treatment to early and needed to go back.  The next morning they started making plans for her to get to another treatment facility.  Don’t misunderstand that just because she decided to go that night she still agreed the next day.  Holly still had her work cut out for her.  Unfortunately it took most of the day to get the specifics taken care of and by then my sister needed more convincing.  Holly’s technique with my sister was getting her to admit she needed the help and that she needed to do it now.  Holly was patient, firm, unrelenting and stood her ground.  My sister even in her state of mind finally agreed once again to go.  Holly was able to make decisions for the family that I don’t think the family could have made.  She was decisive and knew when to allow my sister freedom vs. pushing her to keep moving.  My sister is alive in large part to Holly.  I don’t think there are enough words to express the sincere gratitude and love I feel for Holly.  She is the reason my sister will be here for a while still.  Obviously there is only so much one person can do but the first step is obviously getting treatment in place.  Holly helped us find the right place for my sister.  Holly’s mindset going in is that she won’t lose anyone.  In other words if she was sent to help you then you will be going with her it’s just a matter of how long it takes you to realize that is the right thing to do.  Holly has a heart of gold and the will power of King Kong.  And it took both to get my sister where she needed to be.  Holly has a job to do when she comes but never, not once, did she ever make it seem like it was that.  You would have thought she was fighting for her own sister.  And that is truly why she is so successful at it.


My advice is if you are in the place where you are even considering using a intervention specialist then Holly is the first and last person I would look at.  She is truly the best!!!