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Heroin Intervention

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The illegal drug Heroin is a powerful opiate that is disrupting families across AmericaAccording to various reports, over 120 people die from overuse or overdose of Heroin in the United States each day. Heroin has severe withdrawal symptoms and often can be very difficult to come off of, even if the addict knows they need to change their lifestyle. Many times, the heroin addict won’t reach out for help on their own. A family intervention or professional intervention specialist may be needed to have a successful Intervention for Heroin use.  Angel Intervention has helped hundreds of families safely navigate heroin addiction problems and will ensure the addict safely arrives at the detox center or rehab.

Sometimes it can be difficult for a family member or loved one to get through to a person that is abusing the opioid. Everyone close to the addict could be aware of the heroin abuse occurring, yet without professional interventionist help, it is unlikely the heroin user will end up in treatment. Family history and friendships will often make the situation too difficult for a loved one to deal with and arrange for a proper drug intervention plan to be in place. Holly Conklin is a Certified Intervention Professional and with Angel Intervention as a leading heroin drug interventionist in the country. Part of the intervention services is to include family coaching to help the family plan for the addict’s Intervention for Heroin use. If someone you know is dealing with addiction, but you don’t know how to approach the situation Angel Intervention can offer you help and guidance to give you the best chance of success.

Once the family coaching process has begun, and the Intervention becomes a reality, it is important to work with Holly Conklin and Angel Intervention to select the best Rehab for the drug users needs. There are many Treatment programs across the country, and Angel Intervention staff will help you determine which program is the best match for your family’s situation and to make sure the addict gets the best rehab to decrease any chance of relapse. Holly Conklin and Angel Intervention care about their client’s long-term sobriety and will regularly check in with the addict and their family to follow up and offer support. Long-term sobriety monitoring programs for those who want to decrease the chances of relapse on heroin have also been very successful.

If you are reading this article, you probably have a lot of questions about what steps to take to help someone you care about quit using . Holly Conklin and Angel Intervention staff have talked with thousands of families offering advice to make an Intervention for Heroin use possible. The first step is to call the Angel Intervention Helpline to review your situation and come up with a heroin intervention plan. Angel Intervention is one of the leading Intervention programs in the country and offers help or resources to those in need. To begin the process of making an intervention plan to help a loved one stop heroin use long term, please contact us right away.