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Response to Intervention

At Angel Intervention we pride ourselves in gaining the correct response to intervention. We have been in this industry since 2006 and have a combined 27 years of experience in the rehabilitation process and a combined 15 years of intervention experience. The response to intervention can vary greatly as there are so many components involved in the intervention process.

Components include:

A. Who is involved in the decision making process to use intervention
B. Who will be involved physically in the intervention process
C. Who in the family supports the use of intervention
D. What response to intervention is expected/desired
E. What treatment program will work best for the addicted person
F. Time frames for actually getting the intervention done
G. Clear concise instructions regarding the intervention process
H. Possible outcomes in relation to the response to intervention
I. Continued counseling and monitoring after the intervention

Most families have some, well founded, fears with regards to the response to intervention. In performing over 650 interventions we have encountered every response you might imagine. There are many instances where an addicted person is ready for treatment and the response to intervention is a gently accepted decision to change. This is our ultimate goal. Some addicted persons get angry, some cry with frustration and some seek escape. Having access to a great intervention counselor who can provide all the answers your loved ones need is imperative to success.

Angel Intervention Services

Does Angel Intervention Services have trained counselors?

Our counselors are highly trained in the Johnson Model of intervention but also in a unique one on one style that has a 97% success rate in the response to intervention. Knowing what to do during an intervention is the key to getting the desired response. Each family member must understand their role and the consequences of all their actions during an intervention. Gentle guidance, calm voices, knowledgeable instruction and stern support can mean the difference between life and death for the individual who is addicted. Fear among family members can drive addicts and other family members further away from the ultimate goal which is a positive response to intervention. This fear can make it much harder to get everyone on the same page and to ensure survival and ultimate success for the addicted person.

Having an intervention specialist that is willing to work within the family dynamic, guide specific family members in what to do and say, relate completely to the addicted person and push for success is what makes for a great intervention. Since the response to intervention varies so much it’s imperative to have someone who is quick to respond to unexpected declarations by the addicted person and possibly a rouge family member who speaks out from a place of hurt or despair. It is very important that your intervention specialist have the ability to work within a group of people who have suffered so long due to addiction in the family. You need to find a counselor who is quick on their feet. We often describe the intervention process as a very delicate dance, sometimes you are tip-toeing around and sometimes you have to stomp a little. Knowing when to do what is the key ingredient to success and gaining the correct response to intervention. As far as we at Angel Intervention are concerned, the only correct response to intervention is agreement to seek help.

Let us help you today in making what could be the most important decision your family ever makes. One of our experienced counselors is standing by at 800-430-2995 to take your call and guide you to success.