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Intervention Starts Here.

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We maintain a full database of the leading and most successful  specialists in the country. Our own Addiction professionals are happy to assist you but we are also happy to help you find the  specialists that best fits your needs. We constantly update our database to include options for help with intervention all across the United States and beyond.  We have dedicated our lives to helping families find the help they need and with over 20 years combined experience we are well versed in the many types of intervention processes available, the best interventionists and can even help with treatment options to help individuals and families regain confidence and control.

Who is Holly Conklin?

Holly Conklin is one of the leading Drug & Alcohol Interventionist in the Country. For over ten years Holly Conklin  and her company  have aimed to provide local resources and assistance to families who are dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Addiction to drugs is a nationwide problem affecting thousands of families per year. Usually, when an addict’s’ behavior gets out of control, the family will turn to a substance abuse expert for help in trying to get the proper  help and drug rehabilitation treatment program. In Van Wert, Ohio and across the state, opioid use is increasing daily. Hospitals are being overwhelmed by Opioid addicts and those dealing with Opioid withdrawal. Holly Conklin and her staff at  are experts in being able to get a loved one into an Opioid rehab before it is too late.

Addiction is not easy to overcome, especially without help.  Our goal  is to help families and addicts attain freedom from addiction and reclaim healthy lives and relationships.  It takes courage to take the first step toward help for substance abuse issues; however, happiness, self-fulfillment, improved health, gainful employment, stronger more meaningful relationships, and living a life with purpose are among the many rewards of successful recovery from addiction of all kinds.

Holly Conklin is working with local families, even visiting their home, to do an intervention and get their loved one into a drug rehab. During the process of a drug intervention, it is important to follow the advice of an expert such as Holly Conklin. She knows what works to get an addict to realize their life is unmanageable and get them safely into a drug rehab. In Van Wert, Ohio Holly Conklin works on a daily basis as a local substance abuse advisor helping families who have nowhere else to turn. Angel Intervention and owner Holly Conklin travel the United States helping hundreds of families each year to confront their loved one’s addictions and take action to get them into treatment right away.

Interventionist-Holly Conklin

Substance abuse is a sensitive topic for many people.  We provide 100% confidential call lines so that you may feel free to discuss what’s happening in your life with complete comfort and confidence that you are HIPPA protected at all times.  Our team is made up of highly educated addiction specialists, Nationally Certified Recovery Coaches, Certified Intervention Professionals, Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor’s, and Certified Intervention Specialists and Certified Case Management Interventionists. We pride ourselves in understanding due to our personal experiences with addiction.  We know recovery is possible.  We can help you.  Please call us today at 800-430-2995 for a free consultation or complete the online form and a specialist will contact you within 24 hours.