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Angel Intervention’s Mission in Van Wert OH | 1- 419-771-1050

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Our Vision for Van Wert OH

Van Wert OH
Van Wert OH

It is our mission at Angel Intervention Services to “intervene” in every way possible, so that the devastation of addiction can be stopped. We have a vision for Van Wert OH. Upon relocating to Van Wert OH we were faced with a very difficult decision. Continue doing world-wide interventions as our primary base of business OR get involved in this small community where addiction and death run rampant. It’s hard to be accepted in small town America. Especially hard to be accepted when the general population doesn’t understand what you do and furthermore, why you do it. When faced with the decision we realized that there may be some judgments, some skepticism and a whole lot of talk. We had to take a long hard look at the choices before deciding to open our doors in Van Wert OH.

The choices were tough. Continue doing what we have always done, traveling around the globe, getting people into treatment, family by family, one person at a time OR open our doors in Van Wert OH, create a space where everyone is welcome and give it our best to help this community and the surrounding areas. We decided to do both!  So far, it’s been hard. We realize we aren’t from here, you don’t know us or trust us, for that matter…yet, at least. We realize there have been judgments, we are highly trained to read people. We understand that many people don’t view a drug addict the way that we do, but that’s okay. We aren’t going anywhere. We are going to try our best to help people who want to come in, people who don’t want to live the life of a drug addict (we’ve never met one who really did). Our vision for Van Wert OH is to create NEW and IMPROVED lives for the people you thought would never make it, create NEW groups of healthy, clean friends even if you grew up together, used drugs together in the past or fueled bad decisions together. We believe ALL of that can change. Come see us and we will share our vision with you.