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We Support Different Treatment Options

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Let’s talk about choices. We all have choices in life. We all have the ability to look, investigate, test the waters and make decisions based on our personal findings. At Angel Intervention Services in Van Wert OH we have an opportunity to make choices as well. We can accept clients or deny them, we can help people that want help or send them elsewhere. What we choose to do on a regular basis is support the treatment process, however that happens, without judgement or slander to other programs. We have chosen to support all types of treatment for the simple reason that we don’t know exactly what will work for an individual. We address the individual addict. We address that individual addicts’ family. It suffices to say, they are all different. They come from different backgrounds, religious belief systems, neighborhoods and communities. We believe in people who are addicted, no matter how many times they have failed. We believe in addicted individuals no matter what they have done in the past. I consistently remind my clients that they cannot change what they have done in the past. They can, however, return to the people they were before addiction took over. They can envision the person they want to become and learn exactly who that is and what that looks like. They do have a real chance at being clean and happy. What we offer may not fit every single person and that’s okay, there are other places and we have and do highly recommend them. We don’t put down any program because we don’t know what it will take, at the end of the day, for a person to find sobriety. If it’s not what we do, we certainly support them finding what will work for them. We encourage them to try something different if what they are trying isn’t working. We have learned that if you judge a program based on one opinion you might be making a mistake that could cost someone else their life. We refuse to be those people. We choose to support all kinds of treatment in Van Wert OH. It really is okay if you do the same.