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Professional Ablility

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We found an Interventionist with professional ability

To Whom it May Concern:

There are times in our lives when we are faced with very difficult decisions. Often knowing these decisions will have major impact on our lives and those around us. One of the challenges, is knowing where to turn for the assistance we need. There are often many sources, but we question their reliability, professionalism and credibility. Getting to the right person is key.

I recently found my family in this difficult situation. With some assistance we were guided in a number of directions, but with continued search we were directed to Angel Intervention.  We spoke with Holly Conklin and it wasn’t long into our conversation that we sensed a connection.

Our experience with Holly Conklin was life changing. There are a number of reasons for this. First, Holly as the professional ability to guide and direct you through the intervention. Her experience in this world of addiction is invaluable. She has been down the road and does more than talk the talk. She has an uncanny ability to be able to access all parties involved. She senses the motivations, roles and responsibilities for each person in relationship to the addict. Her goal is to get the person help and handle those people and the forces they bring to the relationship during this ordeal. Often that alone has enabled or prevented the addict from getting the help for using. Controlling those elements allows the process to work. Holly sets the perimeters for everyone involved and focuses on the addict.

Knowing the behavior of the addict and his or her reaction to the situation is a proactive response that leads to success. Holly demonstrated her knowledge and maneuvers the situation to achieve the appropriate behavior. Situations can become volatile. Having the ability and knowledge to anticipate and control is key. Holly Conklin has that ability and knowledge.

She takes the time and patience necessary to achieve the results. Holly always demonstrated a positive attitude, knowing that she would not quit until help was achieved. We were amazed at the multiple times we thought we hit a wall, and her reaction was that progress was being made and patience was needed. She hears the cries for help behind the ugliness and substances. She knows and senses, she controls and waits, she achieves success.

Her greatest strength is her character and her humanity. She knows she is saving lives one at a time. Who could want more?


JC – Mother