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Drug & Alcohol Intervention

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Drug & Alcohol Intervention

Intervention for a Drugs or Alcohol is a process during which a professional interventionist works with a family and friends to gently confront an addicted individual with their drug use and behaviors, in an attempt, to make it clear they will no longer enable the addiction and help them accept treatment. The best interventions are managed by a credentialed professional with a background in strong intervention practices. A trained individual understands the powerful psychological elements of denial by the addict and those effected by the addict’s addiction and for educational purposes, will assist in the disruption of the family system where needed to fuel the “whole family” healing process.

When do you seek intervention help or advice?

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Frequently, the family or friends of a drug addict or alcoholic will know when it’s time to seek professional assistance or advice in helping their loved one decide to enter a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.  When family or friends don’t know when the time is right, calling an intervention professional is key. The time to take action will be identified by the drug addict or alcoholic’s behavior or lifestyle becoming unmanageable or affecting those around him/her in a negative manner. Typically, if any drug addict or alcoholic is abusing substances or illegal drugs, especially Opioid drugs, getting rehab immediately can save their life, but how does a family go about doing an intervention to offer their loved one the gift of recovery?

Who holds the cards of influence and who are the enablers?

Often, friends and family members of drug users don’t understand how much influence they can have over a drug users’ decision to seek help. An Ohio Drug Interventionist such as Holly Conklin can evaluate a family’s situation and determine if the addict is being enabled, or supported in any way that needs to be changed. Normally, a drug addict’s lifestyle leads to them relying on support from friends and family. Whether it be financial aid, housing assistance or even emotional support; giving the addict these resources can often extend their ability to use drugs; and contribute to the addict not seeking a drug rehab solution. In fact, helping the drug abuser in the above ways can often be the very thing that makes their drug and alcohol abuse possible in the first place.

Enabling & Drug Addiction-Holly Conklin

Can an intervention professional help overcome denial?

With years of experience as a certified intervention professional, Holly Conklin understands that it can be difficult or potentially impossible for a family to intervene on their own. In cases where there is no potential leverage, an addict who faces legal or other consequences or has been unwilling to agree to treatment may run or get irrationally angry with family members an outside intervention professional can help.  Sometimes the family history and dynamics of the relationships can make it impossible for a family to get through to a loved one, so reaching out for professional drug intervention support could be the difference between the addict choosing to get help, or continuing with their negative and dangerous addictive behaviors. Holly Conklin and the team at Angel Intervention are the most successful drug intervention service based in Ohio and have assisted hundreds of families in developing a solid plan to intervene and get their loved one safely into a drug/alcohol rehab to begin their recovery.

Angel Intervention Services, a local Ohio drug and alcohol intervention service is available to those who have questions about drug addiction, alcoholism, drug intervention, and Ohio substance abuse