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Will Addiction Destroy your Family?

The presence of drug and/or alcohol addiction within the family system is felt by the entire family.  Families, where any kind of addict is present, are hard to live within.  Family members become so pained that the subject of the addiction is not discussed. We can attribute these attitudes to the lack of family support. As any addiction increases, so do the levels and incidents of traumatizing events. Through intervention, family support can become the focus for members who have been living in a dysfunctional environment.  Broad swings, from one end of the emotional, psychological and behavioral spectrum to the other, all too often, characterize the addicted person’s family system.

Severe levels of stress and despair only add to the misery within a family system without proper family support. Normal routines are constantly being interrupted by unexpected or even frightening experiences that are part of living with drug and/or alcohol addiction. If you are the loved one of someone suffering with drug and/or alcohol addiction, you have likely been subject to the effects that come hand in hand with this very serious, life altering illness. No matter how hard a family tries to help, it always seems the addiction is stronger, and it is. Having an addict in the family is in no way your fault. You are NOT alone and you do NOT have to handle the situation on your own. Finding the effective family support is just a phone call away.

The harmful effects created by his/her addiction can be repaired. Once treatment begins at a rehabilitation facility, family counselors at the treatment center and good professional interventionists can provide you with and even guide you to a great family support plan. As the healing process begins for the addict, so can the healing process for the family system.

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