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Intervention is a Viable Solution

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Is Intervention is a Viable Solution for the addicted  ?

Intervention Specialists go thru extensive training and have an innate ability to communicate with addicted persons on a level of understanding, an ability to guide the family and close friends and will work tirelessly during the actual intervention to get the desired result and sometimes beyond the intervention.  Trust your gut when you hire someone to help you with intervention.

There are several modalities for this practice  and newer and improved styles are emerging all the time.  Take your time, ask questions, get answers and make absolutely certain that your interventionist is the person you believe can do the best job.

Many families run into problems with the person when it comes to gaining agreement to attend inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation.  It’s important that the family and friends explore all avenues necessary to get the addicted person to help.  Rehabilitation programs vary just as qualified intervention specialists do.  A family can do tons of research on the internet with regards to individual interventionists and intervention companies.  It’s imperative that you speak with the counselor or many counselors to find the right person.

Why are families afraid the addicted person will be angry with them ?

It can be a dangerous undertaking for the family in respect to broken trust.  Most families are afraid the addicted person will be angry with them for “setting them up” for an intervention or lying to them to get them where they need to be  .  We always recommend that a family not lie to the addicted person, that the family be as honest as possible.  There are always those times when it becomes necessary to “set a person up” for intervention.  It’s important to remember that the addicted person is the one who has been untruthful about using illegal substances, the addicted person has been the one to lie and the family actually has the right to be angry.

Why use caution when choosing a good interventionist ?

Bottom lines:  Most the process include defining the “bottom lines” from the family to the  person.  As in several modalities of intervention the bottom lines can be delivered to quickly and can cause a major break in the relationship between the family and the addicted person.  Use caution when choosing a good interventionist.  Many have different styles that will work best for you family and the good intervention specialist will do all they can to keep the family unit as a whole including the addicted person.

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holly Conklin help
holly Conklin help