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We understand what it is to be Addicted.

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Addicted, at Angel Intervention Services We Understand.

Dear Van Wert OH, We Understand, Addicted.

At Angel Intervention Services in Van Wert OH we believe in hope. We get that you may not understand why. It’s difficult to describe the feeling of hopelessness we encounter each day. Addicted people in Van Wert OH that have lost themselves to addiction. Families who have lost loved ones to the drug world or worse, death. Imagine getting desperate phone calls every single day from people who have lost all hope in themselves, who’s families have lost all hope for them. In Van Wert OH we see it every day, we hear the stories, the cries for help, the desperate pleas from families to save their kids. We see the devastation addiction brings to communities. We understand.

We understand your unwillingness to believe in those of adult age that are addicted.  We understand the mindset that is created from long-term drug use and criminal offenses. We understand so much of what you see and why you see it that way. Have you truly lost all hope? Because we haven’t. My name is Holly Conklin and there was a time in my life when my family lost all hope for me, I’d lost it for myself so when I say, “we understand”, it’s not a joke. Looking back on my life, I never thought I would be where I am today. Having helped, literally, thousands of addicts and their families. Overcoming very serious issues with addiction in my own life, navigating a legal system that was not on my side, and learning to live my life again. But I did…and so can you. People look at me today and can’t believe I was ever an addict. People talk to me and their viewpoint changes. I don’t hide it. I’m not ashamed of it. I’m no longer guilty and I don’t crave it. My life is full of people and their families who are just like I was, so even though I understand why a small community views the addicted population the way they do I also understand that there is hope for everyone. Come see us and I’ll help you find hope too.