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Intervention-Holly Conklin

When to use a certified intervention professional.

Is Choosing a Certified Intervention Professional helpful ?

Choosing to use a Certified Intervention Professional could be the best decision a family ever makes.  Making that decision is hard but having the “objective” viewpoint necessary to look at all the many moving pieces could mean the difference between life and death. It’s easy for most addicts to convince family members, close friends and relatives, and co-workers that they don’t have an issue.  Experienced intervention professionals can handle any situation that arises. We hear continually “I only use recreationally”, “I only use on the weekend”, or “I can manage it”. More often we see addicts “telling” on other family members to take the attention off of themselves, pointing fingers “HE smokes pot!”, “SHE drinks beer!” or “someone’s been lying to you! I don’t use drugs!” and every parent wants to believe “not my child”, but believing that you don’t see, what’s right in front of you, can cost your loved one their life. Choosing to use a certified intervention professional can make all the difference.

Why do families have a hard time with addiction ?

Families have a very difficult time deciding when the time is right to confront the issues within the family unit that may have stimulated an individual’s decision or reasoning to abuse drugs and/or alcohol.  The definition of intervention is “to disrupt the family system”.  This may seem harsh to some families but the truth lies in specific relational terms and issues within EVERY family.  This is not to say that every single family is responsible for their loved one acquiring an addiction of any kind nor is it to imply that the family is the root cause of addiction but digging into family relationships can bring about clarity regarding addictive behaviors.  No single person within any family is to “blame” for a person’s addiction, the individual made the choice to use drugs and/or alcohol, either knowingly or by accident, but if you look at family systems closely enough, there is always something, it could be big or small, but there is always something dysfunctional or slightly amiss in every family unit. Individuals who are addicted may or may not have put a finger on it, so to speak, or they may not have considered it at all, but it doesn’t mean it’s not there.  It also doesn’t meant it’s not repairable. The entire family needs assistance in sorting out the difficulties.  Experienced interventionists can facilitate the much needed process gently.

Why do families never discuss addiction ?

We believe that everyone remembers the time when a family issue with addiction was never discussed even hidden or swept under the proverbial rug due to embarrassment.  We are so proud to be included in today’s society where parents and friends are unwilling to stand back and do nothing. Today families are taking a more proactive stand against addiction among its members and even though the outcome of loving confrontation does not always end with the desired result more and more families are no longer willing to just give up. Intervention professionals become necessary when an addicted individual either denies use altogether, admits use but states that it’s not a problem, refuses treatment outright or when a family simply needs help within the communication process that can lead to addiction treatment for their loved one.