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Meth Intervention

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Methamphetamine abuse

The entire United States is affected by methamphetamine addiction. In every area of the country, this illicit street drug is available, and production stems from outlying areas in rural communities. Methamphetamine is transported into this country in the form of Ice, which is a prevalent form of methamphetamine commonly produced in and transported from Mexico. Methamphetamine addiction does not only affect a certain population; it affects every home where Meth is used, and use is not based on income, living situation or status. It does not discriminate or choose a certain person. It has a lasting effect on all ethnic groups regardless of their financial status, and more people are becoming addicted to Methamphetamine every day.

Methamphetamine is in the same class of drugs as cocaine and other stimulants. Amphetamine is generic for  Adderall. the prescription form of Methamphetamine which is given for treatment of ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), ADHA (Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder), and Narcolepsy. The street names for Methamphetamine include Meth, crank, ice, chalk or speed, and full-time users often refer to this drug by calling it “Sh*t”.

Meth comes in a crystalline form of a powder that is usually odorless but has a bitter taste and distinct smell once heated. Methamphetamine can be snorted, smoked, ingested or injected with a hypodermic needle.

Short Term Effects of Meth

-Increased heart rate, blood pressure & body temperature

-Loss of sleep

-Dilation of pupils

-Violent Behavior



-Panic Attacks

What are the effects of Meth?

Once ingested, Methamphetamine creates a false sense of well-being and produces a surge of energy for the user. It also floods the body with endorphins and the brain dopamine and serotonin which helps to create a false sense of feeling good.  Meth also produces “super human like feelings,” which create the ability to stay awake for long periods of time, reduce a person’s appetite and make them feel more strong and able to get things done. Users tend to push the body further and faster than its meant to go and thus create a severe “crash” which can produce a mental or physical breakdown. IV (Intravenous) users often experience hallucinations and delusions produced by the drug, lack of sleep and food which fuels the brain and body. Methamphetamine also strips the body of important nutrients for proper functioning, and research shows that many users are deficient in the nutrients required for good health. Meth is an oil based drug that sticks to the fat tissues, cells, and organs of the human body making abstinence very difficult without proper treatment.

Interventionist-Holly Conklin

Interventionist-Holly Conklin

Get Help Now?

Holly Conklin is a Certified Intervention Professional with Angel Intervention Services, a local Van Wert, Ohio drug intervention company. For anyone who is dealing with Meth addiction or any of the side effects of meth, treatment programs, and detox centers are available to those who wish to recover. Angel Intervention Services can help you seek treatment, or offer to advise families who have an addict that is not willing to be helped. Recovery is possible for those who reach out for help. Call 1-800-430-2995 our consultants are standing by 24/7 to help you.