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An Interventionist that Listens


Holly Conklin is an Interventionist that Listens.

Find an Interventionist who is willing to listen to what you have to say.  It’s easy for any treatment program or any intervention company to be interesting, what you want is to find an Interventionist who is actually interested in your situation.  One who listens to you and asks questions to dig for more information that you might not think to give.

An Interventionist with experience

You want an Interventionist who is familiar with a lot of programs if you haven’t chosen one yet and hopefully you can connect with one that has experience of success with some that are available.  If you find an Interventionist by phone, always come away with their direct phone number.  If you are talking to a drug and alcohol counselor, a referral counselor or an interventionist it should be one that is knowledgeable with regards to every aspect of addiction and willing to help you find a treatment program or facility that fits your needs as well as matching your family with the right interventionist. One of the greatest attributes of a good Interventionist/Counselor is that ability to listen. Every program is different in some small way, sometimes in big ways so you want what fits the addicted person.  Please remember that what might fit the addicted person might also be very different than what you at first thought so you need to be open to listen as well with regards to what they offer.

You should have options for several types of treatment

The only way to find out what will fit is to listen.  You should have options for several types of treatment and try not to have any preconceived notions about what will or will not work.  Try really hard  to keep an open mind.  If you have tried one type of treatment many times, try something else.  And yes sometimes it takes more than once to get sober.  Don’t be discouraged.  Sometimes it only takes once in the right program.

Our Referral Counselors and Intervention Specialists will listen

Our Referral Counselors and Intervention Specialists will listen to you and will help you figure out what the right thing to do.  Please call today for help. 1-800-430-2995